What I Am Reading?

I wanted light relief so I turned to V.G.Lee. Watching her read from her books is hilarious. I read 'The Comedienne' about a forty six year old lesbian living with her mother. She sharply observes the idiosyncrasies of her mother's friends and of her own friendship group.

I have been slowly savouring 'The Christmas Chronicles' by Nigel Slater. It reads just as he talks: creating a cosy kitchen scene and calling forth the smells of the kitchen, vanilla, spices, sharp pickles. It is peppered with recipes and detailed instructions on cooking methods - I'm sure I'll use them one day.

In Primary School I was curious as to what happened to the Roman world when they left Britain. I now know that a lot of it continued since I've become enthusiastic about historical novels - particularly those set in the Dark Ages. I read M.J. Porter's 'Pagan King' which requires concentration to keep up with the tribes involved, but has the necessary 'ebb and flow of battle' to be exciting.

I was interested in Amazon's competition 'Storyteller 2000' so who won? It was a book called 'Llama Drama' by Anna McNuff. It's a non-fiction account of two intrepid women who travelled through South America on bicycles. I am half way through the read, and am learning so much about South America that I didn't know.MY BOOKS >
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