What I Am Reading?

Do you feel the need for something light in these difficult times? I've just finished 'The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock' by Jane Riley. I must admit the title drew me to it. It's chicklit but with a male protagonist. He shows that men agonise over their love lives just as much as women. He works as an undertaker, which was the family business. During the book he learns to make independent decisions. I enjoyed it, although it lost pace in the middle. That's the time to skim read on through.

I've just finished listening to 'The Mirror and the Light' Hilary Mantel's third in the Cromwell trilogy. I would have enjoyed savouring it more if I'd read the book instead. Her metaphors are so well considered. It reminded me of the sitcom 'Yes Minister' as Cromwell negotiated the politics of the time. Of course, I knew it wasn't going to end well, so that was a bit of a downer.

No writing related reads for now, but I have been watching Abbie Emmons on YouTube. She does a series on outlining your novel. I like the way that she always begins, 'Whatsup friend.' Her step by step instruction has been a great reminder as I plan my next novel.MY BOOKS >
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