What I Am Reading?

I bought a cover for a Christmas book. Now the designer is waiting to hear what I would like to call it. I've been reading Christmas books to get an idea of what they are like.

Current books are:

'One Christmas Star' by Mandy Baggot. A fantastic read featuring a primary school teacher and a pop singer. There are some genuinely tearjerking moments. I think Mandy must be writing this with a view to the film version. I could picture the scenes - with Hugh Grant as the pop singer of course.

'A Mistletoe Miracle' by Emma Jackson. The reader becomes the heroine. She has unexpectedly been left in charge of a hotel which is snowed in over Christmas. Here the love interest is two contrasting brothers. I'm enjoying being there with her: worrying about the cooking and the fractious guests.

Finally another more worthy choice: 'Reading Like a Writer' by Francine Prose. She approaches this in a methodical way by looking at how sentences work best, how paragraphs are put together and what makes a good chapter. There are good long exerpts from novels to illustrate her points and that makes it an enjoyable read.MY BOOKS >
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