What I Am Reading?

I have recovered my reading mojo.

So I've just finished reading books by fellow authors. One was written years ago and is not now available to buy so the author kindly sent it to me. It has some interesting insights into aspects of personality. Another was written by a colleague in my writers' group. On Amazon, it is called, 'How it Came to Pass' (fables) by C K Garbett. It is a pastiche on the process of creation. It is often humorous but also thought provoking. You won't read anything like it.

I loved Helen Dunmore's novel called 'Exposure'. It's a spy story set in the Cold War era. She makes the story believable using the mundane details of people's lives and of their characters. I stayed up very late one night to finish this.

Then two grisly historical novels: 'Death in the Dark Walk' a John Rawlings murder mystery by Deryn Lake and 'The Angel's Mark' by S W Perry. Both are set in London but two centuries apart. The murder in the first book is in the famous Vaux Hall Pleasure Gardens and in the latter the protagonist, an apothecary, uncovers the murder of a child thrown into the Thames. Writing historical novels involves a lot of research. I will be joining a class on writing historical novels this week which should be fascinating.

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