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Rosemary Blake - Rosy's Recycling Tea ShopBuy eBook or Paperback Can Rosy trust intelligent and mature Ken, who helps with her business, or hot newcomer Ethan, was in the right place at the right time? Does she sort friends from enemies?

Rosemary Blake - Echo of the PastBuy eBook or Paperback A love story which evokes London and Eire of the 1960s and shows how actions in the past affect our lives. Anita, lives on in later books and we can trace some of her decisions to events in 'Echo of the Past.

Rosemary Blake - The Boatman's DaugherBuy eBook on AmazonBuy from other stores The Boatman's Daughter shows Imogen leaving her home to join a house share. She meets an actress and an accountant and she is challenged by all of the snares involved in being a young girl in the early 70s.

Rosemary Blake - Live a LittleBuy eBook on AmazonBuy from other stores In the second book 'Live a Little' Dulcie, Imogen's mother, is having a midlife crisis. She has moved to France to join a hippie commune. She has to make choices about who to love and whether to embrace the old life or the new.

Rosemary Blake - Diana's StoryBuy eBook on AmazonBuy from other stores 'Diana's Story' the third in the trilogy was launched on 1st October 2019. Set in the early 1990s Diana is in her gap year and is desperate to find herself by discovering more about her family. She discovers some uncomfortable truths and grows up fast in the process of deciding how to react.

Rosemary Blake - Retro TrilogyBuy eBook on AmazonBuy the paperback
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The complete trilogy available in one volume.
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