Look for these themes in the books

Something about me - My backstory:

Born in the Midlands region of England. I set my first novella in the 1970s. It was a time of change for me as I left home to rent a flat, went to university and got married.

Since then I've had time to gather more experience. I divorced, created a new blended family and launched myself into several careers. I have been a teacher of adults, a charity worker, a business start-up advisor, and a Counsellor.

Why writing?

I always enjoyed telling stories, but they were made-up and off-the-cuff for children.

I began writing when I confined to the living room after being badly injured in a fall. I had to stay upright to help my shoulder bone to set, which meant sleeping in the chair at night. The world contracted. I amused myself by doing a course on writing fiction on the iTunes university app on my phone. So I began by dreaming up a group of characters. It was set in the 1970s as a way of showing grandchildren how it was for us.

Some of the themes that drive me:

Can things have changed so much? How would my characters run their lives without having mobile phones? It was a world of flared trousers, waistcoats, men with long hair, platform soles causing ankle injuries, dinner parties and fondue sets, feathers, scatter cushions, cameo rings . . don't get me started. So am I writing histories?

Talking to other writers online has highlighted the cultural differences between England and America. Someone from America said that he had to constantly look up references in the book. Is that a bad thing? I am glad to be keeping hold of the culture that I know.

Now I enjoy writing about people who are questioning their own beliefs, learning important lessons in life and making tough life choices. I enjoy being involved in their world. I hope you will. MY BOOKS >
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